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Gorgeous berries at the Fort Greene Park Greenmarket

Gorgeous berries at the Fort Greene Park Greenmarket in Brooklyn

We’re baaaack!

It’s been a couple of months since our return to the convenience that is life in the US of A. It’s been a whirlwind of apartment- and job-hunting, moving and returning to the corporate routine. Bittersweet.

Arriving just in time for the summer has helped ease the transition. From the array of gorgeous summer berries to enjoying refreshing fruity water ice, we’re taking advantage of all that lazy summer days in New York have to offer.

Mango gelati deliciousness

Mango gelati deliciousness from Rita’s

“And just what is this water ice you speak of?” ask the non-Northeasterns. Well that, my friends, is difficult to articulate. Water ice is smooth and frozen, with a consistency that’s firmer than a slushie, softer than a sorbet, and nothing like a snow cone so don’t even go there. I’m not sure that’s very helpful, so Philly/Jersey readers, please feel free to chime in here. Anyhow, water ice shops are usually only open during the spring and summer, and offer their treats in flavors that range from delicious to…bubblegum (ew). My personal favorite is Rita’s mango water ice, topped with thick vanilla custard.

Another seasonal bonus has been the bounty of rhubarb coming from my parents. I grew up on this stuff, and it wasn’t until I moved to Philly that I realized not everyone knew the joy of rhubarb pie, rhubarb bread, and warm rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream. Oh, how I pity your rhubarb-less souls. The tart fruit slash vegetable was nowhere to be found in Argentina, but now I’ve got a steady supply to satisfy my cravings.


Another indulgence we’ve been enjoying, and part of the reason for my silence over the past couple of months, is the convenience that is Seamless. Imagine for a moment, my friends in Argentina, having every imaginable food available for prompt delivery at the touch of a button, without the need for human interaction or the exchange of cash money, let alone exact change. ‘merica!

While – let’s be honest – Seamless will now be a regular part of my life, I’ve finally restocked my kitchen and am ready to do this thang from Brooklyn. So stay tuned!

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