Photo Credit: Cómo/Como via The Argentina Independent

I was in grade school the first time I hosted a dinner party. The guest list consisted of my rowdy cousins and the menu, a casserole I’ve since dubbed “Chewed Up Cheeseburger.” It was a smashing success, and the beginning of an obsession.

At the ripe age of…well, anyhow, I decided my fascination with cooking, baking, entertaining and all things food-related needed some sort of outlet. My ultimate hope is that outlet will one day take the form of a bricks and mortar reality. Until then, I’m cataloging my search for the perfect menu items with the help of my trusty taste-tester and café collaborator, my husband Gaspar.

My test kitchen is currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. go for it girl, it’s fun…

  2. Riquísima la tarta que intercambiamos ayer!! Hasta la próxima!!

  3. My French Heaven said:

    I really love your blog. And your pictures are fantastic. Please continue sharing!

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