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The second Buenos Aires Underground Market was this past weekend, with an even larger turnout and more vendors of every stripe, from Vietnamese food and pulled pork to bagels and Dutch pancakes. Check out The Argentina Independent’s Facebook album for pictures of all the action.

I definitely enjoy sharing tasty treats with crowds of people, and I also like discovering them for myself. The market can be a bit of a whirlwind for the vendors, so it can be hard to slip away and indulge. But in addition to the obligatory (delicious) spicy Cajun Bloody Mary from NOLA Chef and a beer from Boudicca, we were able to scoop up an assortment of goat cheese from Las Cabrillas to indulge in later.

I LOVE this cheese. From chevrotin to feta to cheddar (yes, it’s the real deal!) the flavors are intense and the texture is excellent. The story behind the company is pretty cool, too. Las Cabrillas is a program managed by FUNDAPAZ, an organization that promotes the development of small rural farmers and indigenous communities in northern Argentina. The program works with more than 100 farmers, providing them funding and technical assistance to produce high-quality goat cheese. So you should feel good after eating a whole block yourself. (Or is that just me?)

For a complete list of where you can find Las Cabrillas cheeses, check out their website.